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Marketer Recommendation / Credit Payment - This product is delivered free of charge in a special configuration. It will arrive in the country in 3 to 5 days through EMS international mail.

* Only Vietnam and China are currently in the marketing campaign period.

If you choose paid shipping for delivery to other countries (USA, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.)

Arrival of about 5 people is in progress through EMS international mail delivery. If you request free shipping, it will be delivered within 15 to 30 days.

Free Shipping Policy

For orders over $70 / EMS International Mail Fast Delivery 3 - 5 days

For orders over $30

Normal shipping / k-packet - 15-30 days period

1.100% Free: Los Angeles, California-Free over US$ 70 / Air Shipping 3 to 5 days / Around 7 days across the U.S. There may be differences due to Covid 19.

2. Orders over Free Shipping  

Shipping costs and duration may vary by country due to Covid 19.

COVID-19 is lengthening delivery times to many countries.

After ordering, we will inform you of the delivery period, delivery method, and schedule.

Please note that orders may be canceled in areas where delivery is not possible.

- If it is usually shipping

Delivery to Korea in Korea is 2 days after receipt of order / 3 days before or afterSingapore, etc. / 10 days before and after Southeast Asia and Vietnam / 7 days before and after the difference between US and European regions

This standard is the international mail EMS standard. International Mail EMS is trading between 140 member countries. Currently, there are about 20 EMSs departing from Korea with COVID-19 

We have delivery systems in various regions such as the United States, China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Europe, and we use shipping companies that can be tracked online.

Payment is made using secure U.S. payments, and when an order is canceled, the transaction is automatically notified online to the payment provider.

Please note that in the global delivery environment, delivery is not possible to areas where delivery is not possible due to corona 19 and bad weather, and the order itself may be canceled.

Once delivery is in progress, the product can be returned for free if it is safely managed according to international postal agreements.

Other DHL and Fedex shipments are separately shipped after payment by the consumer.

Thank you.

-Please refer to the image below for related materials.


On receipt of the payment from the buyer, the Company shall instruct the seller to take necessary actions for delivery and the seller should ship and enter delivery information including the name of the delivery company, the tracking number, etc. through Hotitem Sales Manager ("HSM") within 2 business days from the date of the delivery instruction. If the seller fails to do so, the Company may cancel the transaction and shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damages to the seller due to such cancellation.

Sellers shall take all reasonable actions for buyers to receive purchased items within the time period specified by the seller on the item detail page. If a seller fails to deliver the purchased item within such period or the item was not received by the buyer due to a reason not attributable to the buyer (such as delivering to the wrong address), the seller shall bear all liabilities relating thereto. If any transaction is cancelled due to a reason attributable to the seller (e.g. non-delivery of the purchased items), the Company may take actions against the seller.

The Company may at its option provide overseas delivery service and other services related to delivery in association with third-party service providers.

Cancellation, Return and Refund

Buyers may cancel purchases at any time before shipment. Once shipped, purchases will be subject to return process rather than cancellation process.

Buyers may request for return of purchased items at any time within 7 days from the date of receipt. With respect to return-related matters, relevant laws and regulations shall prevail over the terms and conditions suggested by sellers.

Return costs shall be borne by the party attributable to the return request, such as:

- the buyer, where the return is due to his/her change of mind; and

- the seller, where the return is due to the defects in the item, delivery delay or delivery of the wrong or different item

For overseas purchases, return attributable to the buyer may not be practically possible due to high return costs. We or sellers take no responsibility and assume no liability for such cases.

Upon completion of the cancellation or the return process, the Company shall refund by immediately canceling the credit card transaction authorization in case of payment by credit card or by depositing the amount paid by the buyer in the MY account of the buyer in case of payment by cash. Buyers may at any time request to withdraw from the MY account of the buyer and the request amount shall be remitted to the buyer's bank account within 2 business days.


If the country of the seller is different from the country of the buyer, the buyer is considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which the buyer is receiving the goods. Buyers should make sure that they can lawfully import the item into the buyer's country before purchasing the item.

Buyers may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches the buyer's country. In principle, additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you if not specified otherwise in the item detail page explicitly; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country--please contact your local customs office for further information.

Your privacy is important to us, and we know you care how information about your order is used and shared. We would like our international buyers and sellers shipping products internationally to be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

Also, we or sellers may provide certain order, shipment, and product information--such as titles--to our or their international carriers, and such information may be communicated by the carriers to customs authorities to facilitate customs clearance and compliance with local laws. Customs authorities require us or sellers to state the value of the purchased item directly on the package.

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Make the invoice number viewable after ordering. Real-time inquiry is available through the order form and the following URL.

Shipping companies such as air, ship, etc. may change depending on the time the product is shipped, and the delivery change will be notified to the customer.